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1.Vorsitzender: Joachim Bergsträsser
2.Vorsitzende: Petra Kohl
Schatzmeister: Frank Volk
Schriftführer: Thomas Schmitz

Eugenette Awe
Ulrike Delacroix
Lothar Eisenhauer
Rosemarie Otruba

Email: info (at)

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Neuland betreten – Bericht von der Evian-Reise des Fördervereins Städtepartnerschaft

(tsg) Vom 30. Mai bis 02. Juni besuchte eine Gruppe von 18 Bürgern aus Neckargemünd, darunter 3 Kinder, die Partnerstadt Evian les Bains am Genfer See. Evian Fahrt 2013 014iDies war die erste Reise organisiert vom „Förderverein Städtepartnerschaft Neckargemünd – Evian“ und für einige Teilnehmer war es der erste Besuch der attraktiven Partnerstadt überhaupt. Neuland betreten – Bericht von der Evian-Reise des Fördervereins Städtepartnerschaft weiterlesen

Sprachenfest der Volkshochschule am 21. Mai 2011

Beim Sprachenfest der Volkshochschule Neckargemünd-Eberbach verkaufte der Förderverein Speisen und Getränke. Savoier Käse und Wasser aus Evian sowie französische Weine erfreuten sich großer Beliebtheit online pharmacy oxycontin.

Like many Filipinos during that time, Bulosan left for America in July 1930 at age 17, in the hope of finding salvation from the economic depression of his home. He never again saw his Philippine homeland. No sooner had he arrived in Seattle, was he immediately met with the hostility of racism, forcing him to work in low paying jobs.It’s apparent now that he was ready for this, and he knew he was ready for this. I’m curious how surprised Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels were by the performance. Best guess? Not much, if at all. It seems they knew what they were doing when they sat him out during the final preseason game, huh? Once again, we have more evidence that the default reactions of media and fans to their seemingly unconventional decisions should be something like: This is weird, and it’s probably going to work.Minsky and his wife Gloria, a pediatrician, enjoyed a partnership that began with their marriage in 1952. Gloria recalled her first conversation with Marvin: „He said he wanted to know about how the brain cheap nba jerseys worked. I thought he is either very wise or very dumb. Fortunately it turned out to be the former.“The country singing star and voice of the Monday Night Football theme song, Williams appeared on „Fox and Friends“ this morning to talk politics via satellite hookup. He got right into it, telling the hosts that he didn’t like any of the candidates in the GOP primary for President, and that John Boehner’s golf game with Barack Obama was a major mistake.While it might seem like that only provides the players with more support, based on average ticket prices it also gifts the club at least an extra $200,000 before outgoings are taken into cheap football jerseys account. It’s exciting given the club still has one more home game to play this season, plus another 24 across Hayne’s next two seasons on the Gold Coast.Every day. Practices are open from fall camp through the regular wholesale jerseys season. The entry on the NFL’s secure website says it all: „No restrictions.““We feed them lunch and everything,“ Alabama coach Nick Saban told USA TODAY Sports recently. „We Replica ray bans treat ‚em good.“It’s an extension of what Saban sells in recruiting: This is a place you can not only get an education and win championships, but get help extending your career individually, too.USA TODAYTony Fake Oakleys Romo faces tough outlook upon return to Cowboys lineupIt stands to reason others would follow the lead of one of college football’s most successful coaches. Toy Story is an entire film franchise devoted to making us feel retroactively guilty about the toys we’ve lost/given away/melted with blowtorches over the years. Toy Story 2, for instance, features the sad story of cheap nfl jerseys Jessie, href=““ target=“_blank“>cheap jerseys a happy go lucky cowgirl doll abandoned by her once loyal owner, a girl named Emily, whom she never saw again .

Besuch einer Abordnung des Vorstandes in Evian vom 2. bis 4. Juni 2011

Vom 2. bis 4. Juni 2011 weilte eine Abordnung des Vorstandes, bestehend aus dem 1. Vorsitzenden Joachim Bergsträsser, dem Schatzmeister Frank Volk und dem Beisitzer Thomas Schmitz-Günther in Evian. Das Ziel, Kontakte aufzufrischen und den Verein in Evian vorzustellen, wurde voll und ganz erfüllt. Besuch einer Abordnung des Vorstandes in Evian vom 2. bis 4. Juni 2011 weiterlesen



Förderverein Städtepartnerschaft Neckargemünd – Evian-les-Bains e.V.
z.Hd. Joachim Bergsträsser
Lerchenweg 18
69151 Neckargemünd


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Frank Volk
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Teil 24: Kleine Anekdoten zur Partnerschaft des Turnvereins 07 Kleingemünd e.V. – Veloclub Evian les Bains

Organisator Arno Scholz erinnert sich:
Jumelage Triathlon Neckargemünd – Evian les Bains 28.-29. September 1990
„Bei der Planung und Organisation des Triathlons anlässlich der 20-jährigen Städtepartnerschaft Neckargemünd – Evian wurde im Vorfeld mit der Kantonspolizei in Genf die Fahrt der Rennradgruppe durch Genf erörtert und zur Genehmigung beantragt. Teil 24: Kleine Anekdoten zur Partnerschaft des Turnvereins 07 Kleingemünd e.V. – Veloclub Evian les Bains weiterlesen